31.10 kNUD vIKTOR GIFExperience a piece by late composer Knud Viktor for the first time in Denmark since 1993 as Morten Søndergaard presents ‘Akvarel’, an audio visual, undiscovered classic from 1970.

Iannis Xenakis’ surround version of his legendary ‘La Légende d’Eer’ has been lost. Reinhold Friedl, known from Zeitkratzer and his work with Lou Reed, has now been given exclusive rights by the Xenakis family to premiere a new eight channel version based on material from the piece. Lastly Mads Emil Nielsen will shed new light on electronic music with a video and sound performance.


20.30 Knud Viktor

21.30 Xenakis’ Legend

22.30 Mads Emil Nielsen


Time & place

FRI 31/10 20.30
DOME OF VISIONS, Søren Kirkegaards Plads 1

Tickets 80 kr.
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Presented in collaboration with Dansk Musiker Forbund.

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