Bjørn Nørgaard

“Henning is not a member of Fluxus. He is Fluxus” wrote Bjørn Nørgaard in 1987, about Henning Christiansen, who died in 2008. Nørgaard and Christiansen worked together closely for many years, their most famous work being “Hesteofringen” (The Horse Sacrifice) from 1970. Nørgaard will tonight send a fresh and uncompromising salute to his old partner.

Wednesday 31st October 7:00pm
Byens Lys

7:00 pm Fluxus-folkekøkken
8:00 pm Rasmus Zwicki: ”Henning”
8:30 pm Bjørn Nørgaard
9:30 pm Rasmus Zwicki: Fluxus Interruptus vs. Game Show

Entrance: 50 kr.