DJ Sneum / Nis & Nis

Throughout the last 30 years, Jan Sneum has energised the Danish music scene with his enthusiastic radio shows at the Danish Radio. There has always been room for everything from hardboiled punk to serious sound-art in Sneum’s shows, and tonight’s performance will stay true to his style, as he spins records from far and wide across the electronic music universe. Nis & Nis from the record label Escho will offer brand new gems from the Underground’s experimental Klangscape.

Saturday 27th October 8:00pm
The Royal Danish Conservatory, Studiescenen

8:00 pm DJ Nis & Nis/Jan Sneum
9:00 pm Jacob Kirkegaard & Else Marie Pade
10:00 pm Mark Fell

Entrance: 100 kr.