FRI 4/11: Opening – Everything is Important


Enter an artistic hybrid world of film, music and performance in the multi-artist Jennifer Walshe’s major work Everything is Important at the opening evening of the festival. She has personally created the film and music and will also be on stage in a work that takes the pulse of 2016: climate changes, economic inequality and the euphoria of the dark are given loving and cheerful treatment, along with the question: What is it like to live in an age where the Internet is integrated into our lives in the same way as electricity and the postal service?

One of the world’s best string quartets, the Arditti String Quartet, are launching out into the film and performance genre on stage together with Walshe. Its members have sat in their respective helicopters above Amsterdam during Karlheinz Stockhausen’s legendary helicopter opus and for over 40 years they have been standard-bearers for the latest trends. John Cage wrote his work Four for them and they are bringing it with them to the opening of G((o))ng Tomorrow 2016. They are also performing the scenic video-music work Squawk by the Dane Nicolai Worsaae, in which the musicians are packed into a large white box that is the screen for the video part of the work.

Performance and sound artist Ragnhild May and the German-Canadian sound artist Stefan Maier round off the evening by setting several of KoncertKirken’s rooms and its organ vibrating with synthesizers, large subwoofers, small home-built organs and loudspeakers. Experience performance, sound, psyche and the church’s acoustic blend into one great synthesis!


Fri 4/11 KoncertKirken

19.30 Jennifer Walshe & Arditti String Quartet

Nicolai Worsaae Squawk
John Cage Four
Jennifer Walshe Everything is Important

22.00 Ragnhild May & Stefan Maier


Tickets DKK 100 / Students DKK 70 /

In cooperation with CPH PIX