Fuzzy & Bjørn Svin

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Glyptoteket’s Winter Garden played host to some of the earliest electronic music concerts in Denmark, organised by, amongst others, the omnipresent composer Fuzzy. These concerts introduced a totally new type of electronic music, where improvisations on electronic as well as acoustic instruments emanated from loudspeakers hidden behind the garden’s palm trees. This tradition will be revived and expanded upon, when Fuzzy and Bjørn Svin – for the first time – create music together that will swathe the palm tree garden in new sounds and textures. Don’t miss this unique collaboration between two of Danish electronic music’s most playful composers.

Friday 26th October / Glyptoteket 
7:00 pm Josefine Cronholm & Ida Bach Jensen
8:00 pm Tori Wrånes
8:30 pm Trio Aristos, SCENATET og ny trio med Katrine Gislinge
10:00 pm Bjørn Svin & Fuzzy

Entrance: 100 kr.

Hear the music at Bibzoom: