Horst Possling & Guests

”Dress over and skip to the movie theatre. Don’t piss on the subway tracks stopping the train. PLAN AGAINST LONELINESS. Don’t piss on stage singing your national anthem. Undress if you like. Lick cream. Drink cognac. Be amplified. Perform unidentified scores. Invite your neighbours.”

With this appeal, Horst Possling & Guests summon to an evening in which legendary Fluxus scores will be cut up, and put back together in new ways, involving everything from whipped cream to a burning piano. Tonight Horst Possling will comprise the German pianist and performance artist Reinhold Friedl, German violinist Lisa Marie Landgraf, the Mexican video artist Vernea Grimm and the dubstep producer Rashad Becker.

Thursday 1st November 7:00pm
Byens Lys

7:00 pm Fluxus-folkekøkken
8:00 pm HORST POSSLING & Guests
9:30 pm Fluxus Fødselsdagsfest

Entrance: 50 kr.