Mark Fell

With his background in the groundbreaking Sheffield techno scene of the 1990s, DJ and multidisciplinary artist Mark Fell has through a number of decades been a key player in the development of the British electronic music scene. Mark Fell brings his background in the club scene into a microuniverse of static crackling and digital noise that will challenge both the mind and the body of even the most hardened electronic music fan. Releases have appeared on such labels as Austrian Editions Mego, and German Raster Noton. His new album Sentielle Objectif Actualité came out in September this year, and offers atmospheric soundscapes that move through drones of digital noise, clicks’n’cuts and hyper-complex rhythmic textures. House music meets digital noise.

Saturday 27th October 8:00pm
The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Studiescenen

8:00 pm DJ Nis & Nis/Jan Sneum
9:00 pm Jacob Kirkegaard & Else Marie Pade: Svævninger
10:00 pm Mark Fell

Entrance: 100 kr.