Rasmus Zwicki

Surprises tend to come one after the other in Rasmus Zwicki’s universe, and there will most certainly be suprises when he opens the floodgates for a world that speaks to all the senses. At Wundergrund in 2010, Zwicki suprised the audience when he let confetti, hard metal, elderly people and choir music be orchestrated into the opening night of the festival. Zwicki is now at it again, with two new works deeply inspired by the Danish Fluxus-head honcho Henning Christiansen. With the assistance of actors, musicians and a carefully chosen panel of judges, the Danish composer Rasmus Zwicki will launch himself at top speed into a doomsday scenario where Strictly Come Dancing meets Mulholland Drive.

Onsdag 31. oktober kl. 19.00
Byens Lys

7:00 pm Fluxus-folkekøkken
8:00 pm Rasmus Zwicki: ”Henning”
8:30 pm Bjørn Nørgaard
9:30 pm Rasmus Zwicki: Fluxus Interruptus vs. Game Show

Entrance: 50 kr.