SAT 5/11: An Gléacht & Unearthed


Experience the multi-artist Jennifer Walshe’s first short feature film An Gléacht. Walshe herself will be on stage with Simon Toldam and Lotte Anker, who accompany the film with performance and live music. Afterwards, meet the film artist Karl Lemieux, the ninth, unofficial band member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. He shoots in 16mm, and this evening, together with the Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen, is presenting their visionary live projects Unearthed and Yujiapu – on the state of the world in China and Russia. This evening the film will be shown on five parallel projectors.


Sat 5/11 KoncertKirken

20.00 Jennifer Walshe An Gléacht
21.00 Karl Lemieux & BJ Nilsen Unearthed & Yujiapu

Tickets DKK 125 / Students DKK 70 /

In cooperation with CPH PIX