SAT 12/11: Solhorn & Selvhenter

Selvhenter. Photo by: Mie Brinkmann.

The successful Selvhenter has such a fantastically charming and blustering energy that you would be hard put to find a similarly intense live experience. This evening you can experience the five of them in a completely new project at one of Copenhagen’s best scenes plus film and light art in collaboration with the Danish artist and musician Michael Mørkholt.

Michael Mørkholt will open the show with his Solhorn project and Kredsbevægelsen (circular motion). A sound and video work that gradually unfolds in the course of the evening slides directly over into a completely new AV work with Selvhenter on stage and Mørkholt as a creator of film and light. At the very moment Selvhenter comes on with thundering drones and quivering noise, the band’s two sets of percussion and amplified saxophone, trombone and violin enter directly into Solhorn’s live-manipulated music film, opening up completely new paths on the final evening of the festival.

Andreas Führer closes the festival with an avant-garde DJ set in the foyer, ensuring that festival guests will be given a good send-off towards G((o))ng Tomorrow 2017!

Sat 12/11 Jazzhouse
21.00 Michael Mørkholt Kredsbevægelsen
21.30 Selvhenter & Michael Mørkholt
DJ Andreas Führer

Tickets DKK 100 /

In cooperation with Jazzhouse