The New Spring feat. Christina Von Bülow, Jan Kaspersen, Michala Østergaard & Peter Uhrbrand

The New Spring, Christina Von Bülow Michala Østergaard, Jan Kaspersen & Peter Uhrbrand
Bastian Kallesøe made his debut as a solo artist early in 2011 under the moniker The New Spring. He quickly made a name for himself, and now has two albums behind him, which could best be described as experimental neo-folk. At this concert he will push his experiment further. The New Springs’s songs will be reframed by musicians with new sounds and new perspectives. Some of jazz and folk’s best musicians will be on the stage: Jan Kaspersen, Christina Von Bülow, Michala Østergaard og Peter Uhrbrand.

Presented in collaboration with JazzDanmark and Fanø Free Folk Festival.

Monday 29th October 8:00pm

Entrance: 50 kr.

Listen to the music: