Water Walk by John Cage & more

Hotplates, ice cubes and hand-held mixers won’t only be used in kitchens tonight, but also on stage at this concert, where the phenomenal percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen brings food and music together in what guaranties to be a lively union. Experience amongst other things, John Cage’s rarely performed Water Walk, a work that incorporates 34 different materials, each baring some sort of relationship to water. The exploration of these wet-wares will continue with a performance of Christian Winther Christensen’s Being Apu Sakar.

Saturday 3rd November 7:00pm
TOLDBODEN, Nordre Toldbod

7:00 pm Taffel & Water Walk
11:00 pm The Chap
12:00 am DJ Christian d’Or
12:30 am Rosemary