År & Dag at Copenhagen Contemporary

The music collective År & Dag will present a new instrumentation of percussion, horns, synthesizers and handcrafted wheels at Copenhagen Contemporary.

It is hard to place År & Dag in one specific genre. The composers Anders Lauge Meldgaard, Andreas Pallisgaard, Mads Pind Forsby and Michael Mørkholt are working within the space they refer to as “reductive and abstract music.” 

 - We wish to create a focused energy around new, curious music that pushes boundaries – music that seeks to expand both the existing conventions of composition and the predictable concept of concerts, Andreas Lauge Meldgaard says. 

The concert performed at G((o))ng Tomorrow is centered around the premiere of a collective system of composition where the individual work and artistic ideas of the four members will melt together and be performed in community. 
- A large number of hand-built wheels control, amongst other things, a number of synthesizers, sequencers, percussions and noise machines, and forms the overall framework for the composition. This hand-operated principle makes time and rhythm in the music organic, elastic and autonomous. Circularity is an underlying component in the composition, says Anders Lauge Meldgaard. 

The whole thing is meant as an installation piece operated by the composers themselves. Six guest musicians will accompany them on percussion and brass. 

År & Dag:

Mads Forsby – percussion
Andreas Pallisgaard – wheels, synthesizers and electronics
Michael Mørkholt – wheels, synthesizers and electronics
Anders Lauge Meldgaard wheels, synthesizers, EWI and electronics

Additional musicians:

Anders Vestergaard – percussion

Oliver Laumann – percussion

Victor Dybbroe – percussion
Lars Gerve – saxophone and clarinet

Magnus Bak – trombone

Jakob Munck – Sousaphone, trombone og pocket trumpet