Astrid Sonne, Ying-Hsueh Chen & Cucina Povera

Electronic experiments meet dreamy vocals and industrial percussion on the last day of G((o))ng Tomorrow.

Astrid Sonne (DK)

Her electronic soundscapes include everything from synthesisers to bratsch sequences and choir samples, expressed in the debut album ‘Human Lines’, published in February. An album  Fact Magazine called: “one of the most magnificent experimental albums you’ll hear this year.”

She performs on G ((o)) ng Tomorrow with the newly-composed ‘Ephemeral’ - a work for Bratsch, computer and choir, which she played for the first time at the Berlin Festival Atonal in August. The leading music medium Resident Advisor highlighted the concert as one of the best at the festival and described the final choke sequence with the words: “Effortlessly drifting through four-part harmonies (...) they swept through the darkness like one multi-octave alien voice slowly dissolving into the cloud. ”

Cucina Povera (FI)

The Finnish-born Maria Rossi artist’s name, Cucina Povera, originates from traditional, southern Italian cooking, where the dishes are cooked according to the principles of the immediately available ingredients. Similarly, Maria Rossi’s music is boiled down to the very basics when she mixes her vocal harmonies with minimalist synth and field recordings.

In January, she released her first album titled ‘Hilja’ - the Finnish word for silence - through eight songs she circles about the game of uncertainty and coincidences. In many cases, the voice is the only instrument. The Quietus had ‘Hilja’ on the list of best records from the first half of 2018.

Ying-Hsueh Chen (TW/DK)

‘Ying-Hsueh Chen and the Visionary Machine’ presents two world premieres and a percussion classic.

She performs ‘Machine’ from the debut album ‘Raw Elegance’ a piece of work created by composer and artist Toke Odin. Ying-Hsueh Chen also presents an improvised performance where she has invited composer and interaction artist Anders Monrad to the stage. He has created the app ‘Sounding Images # 7-12’ - an audio-visual installation that combines graphics and synthetic music with Chen’s analogue beat performance.

In addition to the two performances, Ying-Hsueh Chen ‘Frum - a drum song’ - is a modern drummer of 13 drums by Icelandic composer Áskell Másson.