Christiansen in high sea - live!

Anders Lauge Meldgaard premieres his new piece '12 instruments for Henning' composed for the exhibition 'Christiansen i high sea' about the Danish composer Henning Christiansen. The concert also presents music by Henning Christiansen.

Henning Christiansen wanted to create a better world. With lovely waltzes, melodies with popular appeal and romantic compositions. His project was part of a wider-ranging struggle against capitalism, EEC, smokescreens and evasive chitchat. Now the Museum of Contemporary Art shows an exhibition featuring rarely seen works from the 1970s by one of Denmark’s greatest sound artists.

From fluxus and minimalism to neo-romaticism

Henning Christiansen is known for his role in the Fluxus movement and for his stringent, minimalist works that led to new departures within the European art music scene. But around 1970 Christiansen began to write a very different kind of music. Romantic music that formed a complete contrast to his previous compositions. Up until this point, these works have been virtually absent from discussions of Christiansen’s art in spite of the increasing attention it now attracts in Denmark and abroad.