Eget Værelse at Copenhagen Contemporary

G((o))ng Tomorrow and Copenhagen Contemporary invite you to a matinée with one of Copenhagen's most interesting music and artist collectives, Eget Værelse (A Room of One’s Own). Experience free improvisation, video and sound art, afro-pop, dance performances and a whole lot in between.

Eget Værelse originates from the critically acclaimed band Selvhenter, and this afternoon, members Anja Jacobsen, Jaleh Negari, Sonja LaBianca and Maria Bertel will each perform in their own name with brand new works.

Frk. Jacobsen

In Frk. Jacobsen, musician and composer Anja Jacobsen draws inspiration from pop music from all over the world and creates a field of musical tensions that touches upon avant-garde, minimalism, afro-pop and free improvisation with a quirky textual universe that
moves between earthbound realistic settings and cosmic abstractions.

In September 2019 she released her debut album ‘Thin Dry Sticks’ where a fictional gallery of characters is introduced in the lyrics. For G((o))ng Tomorrow, Anja Jacobsen writes new songs for some of the characters from the album.

- The lines will be visible on the wall, like in the opera. Sometimes there will be lines not sung, so you can follow some sort of narrative while listening to the music, Anja Jacobsen says.

She will be joined on stage by Lars Bech Piilgaard, guitar, Lil Lacy, keyboard and backing vocals, and Nicolaj Kaas Claesson, bass.

Earlier this year Anja Jacobsen was awarded with the Danish music critic’s prize, Steppeulven, for Musician of the Year.

Sonja LaBianca

Together with guitarist and artist Heine Thorhauge Mathiasen, saxophonist Sonja LaBianca will premiere the video-, lyrical- and audio work ‘Reprise III’ as a prelude to their upcoming collaborative album.

The music is the foundation of the work and consists of a 13 minute long improvisation over a loop in constant, yet minimal sonic development - with maintained intensity.

- It works on its own, but it is a rather open piece of music, so we thought it might be interesting to invite someone to respond to the music through different media. We have invited four visual artists and they are working together in pairs creating text and video for the music, says Sonja LaBianca.

The idea is to investigate the imaging element of the music and the musical element of the language. The two different variations of video and text support the repetition / loop of the music; hence the title Reprise. Specifically, 'Reprise III' is performed in two variations as video projections with accompanying text and music.

The visual artists:
Reprise III version I    Mia Edelgart & Sebastian Hedevang
Reprise III version II   Paola Paleari & Magnus Frederik Clausen

Sonja LaBianca has appeared in numerous musical constellations, and she has composed music for video and installation artworks. In 2017 she released her debut album 'About Room, Room to Be, Rooms', and the same year she received a DMA Jazz as the New Danish Jazz Name of the Year. The following year, the Danish music critics awarded her the Musician of the Year at the awards ceremony Steppeulven.

Jaleh Negari / MESHES

Drummer Jaleh Negari is known from the bands Selvhenter and Pinkynoizu, and in 2016 she debuted as a solo artist with the critically acclaimed album ‘Arch Waves’. At G((o))ng Tomorrow will be joined by the performance group MESHES, which in addition to Negari consists of drummer Felia Gram-Hanssen and dancers / choreographers Lea Vendelbo and Stine Frandsen.

For the past few years, the group's work has revolved around the concept of translation; translation from drums to dance and from dance to drums. The four will premiere a new piece on the G((o))ng Tomorrow. The overall theme is the connection between sound, space and movement - explored through three different complementary forms: circular sound, poses and flocking.

- MESHES is in its own way a small collective within Eget Værelse. The overarching theme is the cross-aesthetic collaboration between our different backgrounds in visual arts, dance, choreography, music and composition, Negari says.

- I come from a music and band tradition, and this is the first time that I have been working continuously with people from other artistic backgrounds. You work across cultures and meet new dogmas and priorities. The linguistic aspect in particular is confrontational and inspirational in such a constellation. All of the consensual talk isn’t that consensual all of a sudden, and it has to be explained and thus looked at again. Therefore, our research and focus also often become very basic, because we search for a new common understanding.

Maria Bertel

Whatever it is in the collaborations Bad Astma, Gud er Kvinde or as a soloist in Ymers Pizza, trombonist Maria Bertel is known for challenging the prevailing conception of the trombone as an instrument. She moves in between improvisation and repetition in distorted harmonic compositions, as well as intense, percussive fragments.

Together with the French guitarist Nina Garcia and the conceptual artist and writer Tobias R. Kirstein, she performs the work 'Mediale Musik'. As in a spiritistic scene, together and individually they will act as translating media for the signals they each receive in the room.

The concept is developed specifically for this event on G((o))ng Tomorrow, Maria Bertel adds.