European Premiere: Keiji Hainos Miracle

What happens when 88 pianists gather round a grand piano of only 120 centimetres? With all that this entails in the way of pushing and shoving, sighing and puffing? Will each of them succeed in striking a note with one finger at precisely the same time?

Come and experience the European premiere at a performance concert that will include a moment of musical history if the experiment succeeds.

Eighty-eight pianists are to strike one note each on a grand piano at precisely the same time. The legendary Japanese conductor Keijo Haino will conduct in person and calls his conceptual concert for Miracle. He has spent 40 years on the project, which is a reply to John Cage’s 4’33”.

In 4’33”, the pianist sits still and forces the audience to listen to the surrounding sounds: Everything is music. Subsequently, Cage wrote 0’00” and instructed the musicians as follows: ‘Perform a disciplined action with maximum amplification (no feedback).’

In Miracle, an extremely disciplined act is carried out at the grand piano. In 4’33’’ the pianist does not strike a single note. In Haino, there is a finger on EVERY note at the same time.