Neue Vocalsolisten & Nicolai Worsaae

The virtuoso vocal ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten from Stuttgart visits Denmark presenting works from Spain, Canada and Austria. The concert also features a performance of Danish Nicolai Worsaae’s new piece ‘Verbindung’.

With the concert on G ((o)) ng Tomorrow, the German vocal group gives an introduction to the many facets of their vocal music theatre. A genre like the Neue Vocalsolist has revived and developed over the past 20 years.

The evening begins with the performance of Nicolai Worsaaes ‘Verbindung’. A work that, according to the composer, will create links between the five different kinds of “identities”.

- The connections are seen as an instrumental interaction where the performers play in unison on small instruments such as glass and stylofon. Slowly, vocal connections are established between the songs, first in duets, since small groups and towards the end also “tutti-unisone-passages”. Also, the idea of ​​the small instruments is to create an audible counterpoint to the vocal that is either quite contrasting in the form of the distorted stylophone sound, or in the overtoned glass that may be perceived to be even “cleaner” than the voice, “says Nicolai Worsaae.

Neue Vocalsolisten also presents ‘Antiqva Scriptvra’ by Spanish José-María Sánchez-Verdú, based on seven burials and narrating the stories of longing, desires and tragedies that hide behind these ancient burial sites.

Composer Carola Bauckholt takes us on a poetic, sensual and humorous journey through his inventive and sophisticated world of sound in ‘Stroh’, and in ‘Moaning Maggots’, Austrian Bernhard Gander’s powerful Gothic sound universe is expressed in a duet for soprano and bass.

The evening is rounded of by ‘Notre meute’ by Canadian Gabriel Dharmoo, who has created a moving and entertaining piece of music songs about an unknown folk race and their development from the primitive to a civilised society.