Once-in-a-lifetime: Bisse & Keiji Haino

Come to a concert where anything can happen. The Japanese underground music icon Keiji Haino meets the latest additions to the long line of major Danish songwriters: Bisse, who in record time has taken everybody by storm with his envelope-pushing style, thought-provoking lyrics, ‘6 hearts to life’ and no less that 7 reviewer-praised albums in just two years.

65-year-old Haino and 29-year-old Bisse live on opposite sides of the globe. Both are musical phenomena with an extraordinarily magical quality to their performances, an unforgettable look and unique expression. On Tuesday they take the stage for an out-and-out, once-in-a-lifetime concert. The evening starts with a sparkling solo performance by the percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen.

In cooperation with Jazzhouse og Smash!Bang!Pow!