Scenatet performs Jessie Marinos 'Nice Guys Win Twice'

This year’s festival will open with experimental music theatre where both fish and fake news fly around in the digital age.

‘Nice Guys Win Twice’ is experimental music theatre created by the American composer and performer Jessie Marino in collaboration with the Romanian multimedia artist Constantin Basica, the French producer Camille Lézer and the Danish ensemble Scenatet.  

The creators describe a performance that will present a series of exercises designed to help us examine our habits of viewership. We make music from silent gestures, learn to hear implied melodies through noisy gates, glean meaning from a rubble pile of language, and to distrust the mediated spectacles placed before us through the lens of a fish.

Using 90 white boxes, Jessie Marino and Scenatet will literally build a wall. During the performance, the wall will come to life with flickering television screens presenting for the audience a mishmash of surveillance videos, news and white noise. Meanwhile, oversized clownfish will float around the room. 

’Nice Guys Win Twice’ combines video art, political discussion and new music in a groundbreaking performance. 

In July, ’Nice Guys Win Twice’ was featured for the first time at Darmstadt Summer Course, which has been known for presenting the most important trends in new music since the 1940s.

Jessie Marino

Composer, performer and multimedia artist from Long Island, New York. In her latest projects, Marion explores patterns of repetition in everyday life activities and ritual absurdities.  


An experimental ensemble founded in 2008 and based in Copenhagen. The ensemble works in the intersection of new, experimental music and conceptual art, often with a non-instrumental, sensory and bodily approach when exploring the relation between music, art and humans.