→ OPEN CALL: Khyam Allami ‘Apotome’ workshop

Get a hands-on experience of decolonized music composition when Khyam Allami demonstrates his collaborative digital tool for truly free music creation in an open workshop.

5 pm / doors at 4 pm
Volume CPH, Enghavevej 80, 2450 København SV
Entrance: Free with registration

In cooperation with Rhythmic Music Conservatory and Gong Tomorrow, Khyam Allami offers local musicians the opportunity of getting hands-on experience with Apotome.

Apotome was created as a tool to help counter the cultural asymmetry embedded in modern music-making tools, which share a bias inherited from Western music theory and culture. With his horizon-expanding method, Khyam Allami point towards more liberated, creative, inclusive, and culturally balanced music-making processes. 

In this workshop, Khyam Allami will explore the subjects of tuning and the inherited biases of music technology through his collaborative project “Apotome” with creative studio Counterpoint. He will give a presentation on tuning and its repressed possibilities, the problematics of music technologies, and a practical introduction to using Leimma and Apotome. Participants will be invited to create their own personalized tuning system and to create generative music using it alongside an opportunity for an improvised group performance.

No previous experience with tuning or microtonality is required.

Minimum Requirements: Participants should bring their laptops with the latest version of Chrome browser, headphones, and a tape measure.

Optional Requirements: Participants are encouraged to bring a sound card with a MIDI (5-pin) input, plus/or a hardware synthesizer (with MIDI input if without sound card), or a small one-voice modular synth system (with MIDI input). Software synths installed on a laptop and outputting through the sound card will also be fine.

Registration: Write us at anna@gongtomorrow.dk with a brief description of yourself and your music. Please state whether you will be participating with laptop/software synth or hardware synth.

Deadline: August 29th

This workshop takes place during Khyam Allami’s visit at Gong Tomorrow 2021, during which “Apotome” will be explored, presented, and debated from various angles. 

  • September 6th: Free open workshop at Volume CPH
  • September 7the: Free artist talk at Volume CPH
  • September 8th: Concert: Khyam Allami presents Apotome Live Volume CPH, 20.00 // 120 DKK

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